17 oct 13 Downgrading a Nuget package

For my own reference: How to downgrade a nuget package after a previous upgrade broke my VS solution. Instructions inside :)

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27 mar 09 Method overloading in flash

As you may already know, it is not possible to have the same method with different signatures in flash (also known as method overloading).For example, on c# you may have the same function that does different things depending on the argument count …

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21 abr 08 Flash internationalization library

This library will help you to internationalize your flash application. It supports localization of numbers, date/time, percentages and strings. It can also parse back numbers and date/time formats on a specific locale into flash internal …

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22 feb 07 Flash TextArea - Update 3

WARNING: This version should be considered BETA. It is stable enough for me, but it will surely break existing applications that depends on it.Don´t install this version on a production server and read the documentation!. I warned …

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27 nov 06 Flash TextArea - Update 2

I updated FlashTA, fixing some nasty bugs regarding image duplication (note to Adobe: please, please FIX the flash html area once and for all!).Also, i added the ability to delete a file. To delete a file, you must first select it, and then click on …

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18 ago 06 Flash TextArea - Update 1

First round of bugfixes to Flash TextArea

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4 feb 06 Flash TextArea - Standards compliant XHTML flash editor

FlashTA is a WYSIWYG replacement text area for html forms. While there are various implementations done in javascript, most of them don´t work in this/that browser/os combo, and every time a browser vendor makes a change, they need to update the editor so it doesn´t break on every possible combination of browsers.

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