17 oct 13 Downgrading a Nuget package

For my own reference: How to downgrade a nuget package after a previous upgrade broke my VS solution. Instructions inside :)

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6 oct 11 Creating a Culturally Customized Website

Cultural customization is a fundamental step for reaching a global audience with your website, and should be completed as part of website translation and website localization. While many website owners treat this step as optional, it should be treated as integral. Website cultural customization can do a lot to validate your presence on the web with your target locale and ensure the effectiveness of your website to locale specific users. Cultural adaption involves perception, symbolism and behavior.

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21 jul 11 Website Internationalization and Accessibility

The World Wide Web is capable of living up to its name: by being accessible to everyone in the world. This is more or less true, as there are still many web users whose needs aren’t adequately met. The Word Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has several recommendations on how to make a webpage accessible by users, not only with disabilities, but also by users that do not speak English.

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27 ago 10 Website Localization with Ektron – Part 2

Setting up correct Locales, adding Lang attributes and localizing hard-coded images are among the technical steps detailed in this final blog in this 2-part series on Website Localization with Ektron CMS.

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6 ago 10 Website Localization with Ektron – Part 1

This is the Part 1 (of 2) on "Website Localization with Ektron Web CMS". In this part I will discuss how to correctly setup a multilingual website within Ektron and also provide some additional information about website localization in general. When setting up a multilingual website in Ektron, there are several factors that fall outside the translation-only process that is built into the web system. Let's first set-up Ektron through the WorkArea.

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22 jun 10 Website Translation, Website Localization and Website Internationalization

Many customers new to translation are confused by the terms "translation", "localization" and "internationalization". Although each term describes a distinct process for website projects, translation and localization are often used almost interchangeably. This blog clears up the mystery around these basic concepts. Website translation is also known as "Website Globalization". In order to "translate" a website into other languages you may need both Internationalization (I18N) and Localization (L10N) services.

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30 abr 10 12 Steps to Website Globalization

Whether you are trying to launch a multilingual website to expand your products and services into new global markets or whether you are trying to increase your company's global operational efficiencies by developing multilingual extranets and …

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