22 feb 07 Flash TextArea - Update 3

WARNING: This version should be considered BETA. It is stable enough for me, but it will surely break existing applications that depends on it.Don´t install this version on a production server and read the documentation!. I warned …

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27 nov 06 Flash TextArea - Update 2

I updated FlashTA, fixing some nasty bugs regarding image duplication (note to Adobe: please, please FIX the flash html area once and for all!).Also, i added the ability to delete a file. To delete a file, you must first select it, and then click on …

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26 oct 06 Black Jack

The objective is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. The dealer has to take a card if he has 17 or more...

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25 oct 06 NN-X- Skin

After my first skin and decided to make some more “original”, I made this skin.It has some elements from the first skin, but the overall look’n‘feel is completely new.Download (45.83 kb)

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24 oct 06 Extreme|FX Skin

My first skin, based on screenshots of the Amiga QNX OS and various changes and adjust by me. Not sure if still works (for WB ver 2.x).Download (36.97 kb)

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18 ago 06 Flash TextArea - Update 1

First round of bugfixes to Flash TextArea

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4 feb 06 Flash TextArea - Standards compliant XHTML flash editor

FlashTA is a WYSIWYG replacement text area for html forms. While there are various implementations done in javascript, most of them don´t work in this/that browser/os combo, and every time a browser vendor makes a change, they need to update the editor so it doesn´t break on every possible combination of browsers.

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